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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The New Face of Bako Part II

One thing you’ll notice, if you hang around the Arts District or Bako artists for any length of time, is that no one does this scene alone. Artists in this economy and in this environment have learned all too well that without support, without friends, without giving, you don’t get much of anywhere. BakoArtistConnect-ing is all about forming a network of artists and art lovers who want to create something really special in our little neck-of-the-woods. Actually, we may be looking towards creating a place we no longer refer to with phrases involving necks or woods. Anyway, a couple of days ago I shared some simple tips to getting “in” on the emerging Bako art scene. Today I take that notion a little deeper by offering some choices which will stretch you a bit more but which will aide your immersion into the new Bako culture.

SPEND. After all the time and effort you’ve spent creating your artwork you’ll be able to better appreciate the energy and talent of other artists you meet. Don’t forget to leave a little extra in your budget to support those peeps who are paving the way for all of us. In this new art culture, being a benefactor is extremely affordable. $5-10.00 is sometimes all it takes to encourage and/or feed an artist for another day!

PROMOTE. You don’t have to start a Bako arts & culture blog to be a promoter of the arts (although you could….). As you learn about events, share your new-found knowledge with your friends. At most events you’ll find a stack of flyers for upcoming concerts or exhibits. Grab a few and pass them out to someone you think would be interested. Grow the scene! Or….

VOLUNTEER. Good starting point: Bakersfield Museum of Art (BMOA). (www.BMOA.org) The museum needs volunteers for a variety of events and functions. Opportunities range from a few hours weekly, monthly or even yearly. Learn about art. Meet artists. Gain some art knowledge. Be an art hero! But….

STAY OPEN. Don’t be a snob. Bakersfield has a long way to go. Deal with it. Take the good with the bad, the exceptional with the puerile. There are gems in the rough that YOU can discover—about which later you can say, “I saw that/knew her/ate there/went to that—way back when,” and you can say it with all the smug satisfaction that only one who has travailed in the indie trenches of an underground culture can muster. What fun!

So now I want to hear from you. What are you doing to ensure our Bakersfield arts scene expands and thrives over the next few years? How can we work together? I’m looking forward to the day our scene is something we can all brag about. How about YOU?

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